Violinary #7 (Ti)

Ti tralalalalala yuhuuuuu…! :)))Now we have reach the last note and also the last article of Violinary Blog Series.

Ti stands for tips. Violin maintenance tips to be exactly.

A beginning is important. But ending is importanter (peace^^). After a hard violin practice, it is so necessary to wipe your violin gently. Because most likely your sweats are there and if you let it just like that it will make the color of your violin disappear slowly. Then, put your violin into the case and dont forget to lock it.


A lot of my students, they forget to lock the violin AND to zip the case. They close it just like that UNLOCK and when they’re about to carry it, it drops and the violin fall down 😦
And for the bow, have you already have the habit to tighten up your bow before you play the violin and to tighten lose your bow after you finish playing your violin? Well if you dont have that kind of habit, then you have to change it NOW right away.


Think your bow as same as your body. After you done hitting the gym, practicing your muscle, tighten it up because you need to lift the barbells. Of course after that you need to relax back your muscle otherwise it will hurt yourself and there is a chance you may break your muscle too! So once again please take care of your violin or any other instrument as if its your own body.

PDF Violin Part: Violinary #7


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